About the project:

We are examining the development of an innovative storytelling method combining Virtual Reality video and motion-graphic data visualizations, allowing those who experience it to develop a deeper understanding of the challenge that poorer, African-American families in some Southeast Washington, D.C. neighborhoods face in easily obtaining nutritious food. To develop the project, we plan to work with WAMU, a media organization with a deep commitment to covering diverse communities in the Washington area, to produce an innovative, effective marriage of data visualization and VR video. In addition to releasing a proof-of-concept story on “food deserts” in Southeast Washington, we will produce an open-source package of data visualization templates specifically tailored for VR video environments, for use by other storytellers. We will also produce a digital “how-to” guide to help others build on our storytelling method and tutorials on the use of our template package.

This website will serve as a space for documentation of our process as well as the place our how-to guide will live after the completion of the project. Our final test videos can be found here.